When we received a printed memory book from Dorothea’s sister as a present for Anna’s birth, we loved the idea to write down our child’s development, specialties and characteristics and give it to her on her 18th birthday. We looked forward to filling out all the neatly provided entry suggestions and sticking in photos of her. But then came life with a child - we only did so until she was about twelve weeks old! When she grew older, we started noting down all kinds of stuff about Anna in bullet points in a shared iPhone note. Photos of her where also already on our phones, shared with her grandparents via a cloud service. Hadn’t anyone thought about a memory book that combines digital and analogue, an option to note down their child’s milestones and characteristics in an app and provide a version to print all those precious memories, making it look like a real memory book, not only a photo book? We couldn’t find a beautiful and easy solution to make our dream come true, so we founded Juno and hope that we can help you log your child’s uniqueness and bring joy and laughter to the whole family!