We are Dorothea and Werner, serial entrepreneurs and parents of Anna, born 2018. 

Werner is a classic nerd, having started programming back in 1996. He founded his first company after his studies in 2008, Dear Friend, now being a digital product studio with clients from multiple industries. Together with a friend, he developed one of the first successful iPhone apps ever, Mobile Butler. Their next app, miCal – the missing calendar for iPhone has been a bestseller in Apple’s App Store until today.

Dorothea is originally a teacher and has also worked in several PR and marketing positions. She has also been active in the non-profit German Startups Association. She's a mentor in the Zollhof accelerator. She loves to create and market digital products and services that help people make their daily lives easier. That’s why we’ve always been a great business match, in addition to a wonderful life match ;-).

In 2011, we co-founded our first startup together, Streetspotr, grew it into profitability and sold it to a competitor in 2018. We’re now active business angels and also co-founders of Juno, looking forward to helping you log your child’s memories and their uniqueness! Follow our blog for more background on why we founded Juno.